Scheduled Maintenance

When done properly, preventive maintenance can help prevent costly utility bills. It also extends the life of the equipment when done regularly. By early detection of problems, you decrease your chances of large repair bills. Work Environmental Systems, Inc. offers a yearly preventive maintenance agreement that will include one (1) heating check in the Fall and one (1) cooling check in the Spring.



  • Install gauges & check operating pressures
  • Check condenser coil & clean if needed
  • Check voltage & amperage
  • Check thermostat
  • Check for adequate refrigerant charge
  • Check belts & adjust tension if needed
  • Clean or replace filters (if provided by homeowner)
  • Check start capacitor and & relay
  • Check compressor contactor
  • Check wiring connections
  • Check out complete a/c unit cycle


  • Check and clean flame sensor (if present)
  • Check thermostat
  • Check safety controls
  • Check burners & clean if needed
  • Check pilot assembly & clean if needed
  • Check burner efficiency & adjust if needed
  • Check fan control
  • Check for gas leaks in furnace
  • Check belt & adjust tension (if present)
  • Clean or replace filters (if provided by homeowner)
  • Check heat exchanger for excessive rust, cracks, or holes
  • Check flue pipe & draft diverter
  • Check out complete furnace cycle
  • Check CO levels

Other added benefits of our service agreement are:

NO overtime charges
10% discount on any repair parts you may need during the twelve (12) month agreement
We will call you to schedule when it is time for your maintenance to be performed so you don’t have to remember when it’s time for your maintenance.