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This is a 'Before and After' presentation of a typical remodel that we recently worked on.


This is the origianal unit that we replaced. We found it in pretty bad shape. It was hanging crooked, falling apart, leaking air into the attic, and the owners complained of it being very noisy. Not to mention that it never heated or cooled to their liking. Plus, their electric bill was way too high.

This system was so inefficient, the owners had to add a window unit to their bedroom because they were not getting enough cool airflow. This was another reason their elec bill was so high.

This was the old indoor coil. It's job is to absorb heat from the air that passes through it and send you cool air throughout you home. As you can see, it was very clogged with years of dust in the air due to this unit's poor air filtration.

The coil being clogged with dirt caused it to leak more water than it could properly drain. This caused water to leak into its emergency drain pan. (seen within the red circle above) The problem was that it leaked into the pan so much that it clogged the pan's drain line and often overflowed, which caused water damage in the ceiling. You can tell by the rust in the pan that this has been happening for some time. You could have water dripping into you ceiling causing expensive damage to your home without knowing about it until it is too late!

The above two pictures illustrate how after a few years of operation and without proper air filtration, dust starts to accumulate throughout the ducts. This dust, dirt, pet dander, and allergens will come back out into the air flow. This caused a huge problem in air quality, especially if there are those with allergy problems in the home.

Some of the reason for insufficient air flow in a home is caused by poor duct design and installation. This duct was crushed because it was put in the attic walkway and got stepped on. The air wasn't able to flow freely throughout the system.

Another air flow problem is at the unit itself. Poor installation caused this plenum to leak air right into the attic, taking away from the total air going into the home.

An astounding discovery was made when we were taking away the old duct system. After pulling away the outer insulation, we found that this metal duct had come apart long ago and air was just dumping into the attic.

The reason for these before pictures was to show that there are several things that could go wrong because of inefficient and low-quality equipment as well as a poor installation. Some problems you might never know about until it is too late or until the system is checked by one of our certified technicians. But with the high-efficient, high-quality Trane equipment and with Work Environmental's "Denton County Famous" workmanship, all heating and cooling problems can be detected and solved. And with a new Trane system you can have a healthy, safe and comfortable home. Not to mention a much lower electric and gas bill!



See how we remodeled the above home with a brand new ultra-efficient Trane system. As always, we took great care to design a precise system for this home's needs and to provide expert workmanship.

Here is their new Trane system! We made many custom parts to accurately fit our system in their attic without compromising the systems efficiency. We ran much needed new duct, new exhaust vent pipe and new drain lines with a condensate safety switch. We also added an Electronic Air Cleaner to get rid of all the dust and allergens, and we installed a germicidal UV light to kill germs that could harm the family. We made sure our installation was air-tight and super-durable. Because even with good equipment, a poor installation can still make for an inefficient system

Within the red circle is the Electronic Air Cleaner. This device helps to keep allergens out of the air.

Within this circle is the UV light. At the bottom middle you can see the white condensate switch that we install in order to keep any condensate water from overflowing onto the ceiling.

Here is what our duct looks like. It allows good air flow and is sealed tight so no air is wasted by blowing into the attic. It is very well insulated to provide the most heating and cooling efficiency.

The End Result...
With our skilled design, quality Trane equipment, proper air filtration, proper air flow, and expert installation, the differences between the old system and the new system were phenomenal! Before, some of the rooms hardly got any air at all and the air that did make it to any rooms was not adequate for heating or cooling the home. It was also very noisy. After we installed the Trane system, all the rooms received the correct amount of air and it heated and cooled very efficiently even by being whisper quiet. The home owners were very surprised that the hottest and stuffiest room in the house was "cool as an early spring morning" when the cooling was turned on. We made sure that our system provided everything that we said it would and more. That is why Work Environmental is famous for our "Expert Workmanship"