Denton's Air Conditioning and Heating Experts

Mr. Dave Piatt
Work Environmental

Dear Mr. Piatt

At age 65, I've become more than just a little cynical, in regard to the level of true customer oriented service to expect from service providers or the business world in general. The aforementioned was probably easily detected by you during our initial meeting, for which I apologize. I am ecstatic though, with the truly professional, honest and courteous service I have received from you and your staff.

Wayne and TJ are impressive beyond description. They were most respectful of the customer and the customer's property. Indeed, we could not have wished for two more caring, professional and obviously knowledgeable service providers. In fact, I must say to you, that Wayne and TJ are "National Treasures", in that people of their quality are so rare.

The end result of their work is a thing of beauty. A superbly well installed furnace/AC that "really works"! Our fears of insufficient air from the system/vents seems to have been unfounded. The air-flow is better than it's ever been.

So, I hope you will have no objection to Work Environmental being "our" Heating and Cooling service provider of choice for all of our future needs!

-Aubrey R.

"Letters of appreciation leave my office about as often as Christmas cards to IRS agents. I make an exception today.

Without warning, we lost our upstairs cooling one Monday night (and were preparing for another night in a Denton motel.) On Tuesday, expecting peak delays, I sent out a "Mayday" signal to Work Environmental and 2 other reputable HVAC companies I'd dealt with in the past.

In less than 2 hours, I got a return call from Gene at Work Environmental. We met and he quickly diagnosed/repaired a faulty electrical connection at the compressor. (I was prepared for the worst and could easily have been taken for a new compressor) After the repair, he did a quick walk-through as we discussed future upgrading and general A/C efficiency. His knowledge and professionalism were impressive. He made several practical recommendations and spotted major air-flow problems we've since corrected - allowing my family more comfort upstairs than we've had in the nine years since construction. We couldn't be more pleased.

This was probably a very routine service call for Gene, but I'll assure you, it was not routine for me given past experiences. I am very grateful for the rapid response, fair fee, and helpful attitude. When either of our current systems fail or need other repairs, you can be sure I know who to call….and who to suggest my friends and neighbors call also."

- David Z.

"Thank you so much for the prompt service! We have appreciated your service over the years and have had others express the same opinion.

Your company enjoys a fine reputation."

- Mrs. Dale C.

"Work Environmental Systems, Inc. is a wonderful company. Having had a big A/C problem this summer, I have had the chance to deal with your people up close and in person. T.J. and Anthony, who did most of the work on my A/C unit were terrific. They always kept me informed on the problem and worked their tails off in 100+ weather. They also gave me some much needed advice on how to best run this unit. By far this company has some really excellent people, who are also very hard working.

Thanks for working so hard in this heat and keeping your cool."

- Pye T.S.

"Thank you for providing us here at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church with such excellent service through the years. We especially appreciate your working with us on our latest problem which involved getting a new air conditioning unit."

- Virginia V.

"This last blast of cold weather has again increased my appreciation for the job you did on my house this past June. It is not often I find myself so satisfied with a household decision, especially about this house. Not even the residential environmental experts (my wife and children) have had any criticism about the heating and air conditioning for the last six months.

The reason I didn't write this letter sooner is because I was too comfortable this summer. Not only was I too comfortable to write, I was also too comfortable to go outside and cut the grass or do those million projects necessary to do in the 100 degree heat. For this, I must blame you. You should have warned me that a truly air conditioned house would make me lazy.

All joking aside, I must commend all who had a part in the project. We couldn't be happier with the new system, or the utility bills, for that matter.

Thanks for doing such a professional job."

- Scott A.


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